Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lolita Sex Lingerie Gallery

It seemed like Sue was really beginning to enjoy what I was doing to her. Her breathing picked up and so did the moaning, even through the half-hearted pleas for me to stop and let her go. Sue was getting real wet. My fingers were coated with her slippery cunt juices. I worked a fourth finger in managing to slowly force most of them inside her wet cunt. Her pussy juices were really flowing now and her breathing became faster. It was getting easier and easier to shove my four fingers in and out of her cunt. I pushed a little harder, making Sue whimper from the pressure I exerted on her, and I managed to force my knuckles and half of my hand in her hot wet hole. I was amazed that this small-framed girl could take so much inside her. "You got a pretty loose cunt there, baby." I remarked to her. "I guess you've had some experience."

I gave a sigh and simply said. "Yea I guess I was a bit over the top there."

“What?” She sniffled and wiped her nose on the back of her hand.

The cock was barely touching me, and Peter didn’t try to push it in any further. He moved it very gently from one side of my mouth to the other, tracing the line of my top lip and then my bottom lip. After a few seconds of that, he guided the head away from my mouth and slid it along my cheek, again so softly that I could have conceivably remained asleep. He continued that way, pressing his hot flesh against the cool skin of my face, my throat, and then always coming back to my mouth for a few extra seconds each time. That was obviously his favorite image, seeing the head of his immense dick parting my sleeping lips. Finally he just kept it there while he stroked himself harder and faster, panting noisily and not realizing – or not caring – that I could feel his powerful strokes through my lips, and that his cock was pushing harder and harder at my mouth.

The Arrival.

We scheduled the job for the middle of the week on my day off to do the work. He said he would be at work but his wife would be at home. Since I was working outside I did not think anything of it and agreed. I knew the postal limits of just how high and how far the post needed to be from the curb since I had done them before.

"Oh honey! You let me worry about that, ok?"

"That is quite an erotic thing, Jodi. And I must say that I have not been able to concentrate much today. I want you in the worst way. You called me on it this afternoon and I'm not going to deny it. I want you now, right here, and any other time you want it. But we have to be discreet so as not to raise suspicions among your coworkers. Is that clear?"

"But I don't want your daughter", he answered, "Since the first day I saw you, I knew I wanted to fuck you senseless. And I could tell you wanted it as well, I've seen you constantly checkin' me out since the first day we met."

Sandy laughed and said "No, you shouldn't I will be right back." She got up and went into the house.

"So, what kind of guys do you go for?" As I asked, I noticed she was chilly, so I offered her my jacket. I figured I'd score points as well.

By one o'clock Lacey has enjoyed another strong drink. The drinks, music, dancing are all too intoxicating and irresistible. Her office friends, although not close friends offer to take her home protect her from the wolves. She struggles with her choices but after some difficult convincing Lacey agrees to stay if I promise to get her a taxi back to Croydon at the end of the night. I naturally agree, after-all she just isn't ready to leave. Lacey is a grown woman, free to choose, her friends finally disappear and leave me alone with my prey, mine for the remainder of the night.

Grinning at her I said, "I guess there's a first time for everything."

After hesitating for a minute she said softly, "I sprayed my favorite perfume behind my ears, on my cleavage, and between, you know where."

That sounded like a wonderful idea to me, so as she went upstairs to change, I busied myself getting the champagne, glasses, and putting on some of the soft jazz Mom likes so much. I felt so much excitement, anticipation, building inside me. Now that I was 18, and graduated from school, my Mom was actually suggesting we have something to drink together. I struggled a bit with the cork, being my first attempt at such a task, and was glad I was alone, so Mom wouldn't see my fumbling. Finally, the cork pulled out with that resounding "pop!" just as I heard Mom's soft footsteps on the last stair.

"Did I ask you to?" The young man fired back quickly.

The other one climaxed.

"You´re pussy´s so tight, I don´t think I´ve ever fucked anyone this tight before."

"Yes" she replied despite the overwhelming orgasm she'd just had she was glad to give one to her skillful lover.

It took me the better part of the afternoon, but I found what I was looking for at a small lingerie store downtown. It was a pair of puffy pink terry cloth slippers with soft white fur trim. I got hard just thinking about putting it on Kaori's delicate feet.

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